Command Vehicle (CV) K-1450

CV is a mobile control station which allows the commander to perform control of his subordinate units over the radio, wire and telecommunication means. CV K-1450 uses amphibian assault all-wheel drive vehicle APC-70 Di as a transport base. Transport base is equipped with filtration-ventilation installation, air conditioner, heater and light­ing system.

CV is equipped with:
-   HF Radio R-1150; -VHF Radio R-030; -LAN switch of A-101 type; -Router A-201; -Radio gateway R-1261; -Server; -Navigation aids; -Workstations; -Manufacturing software.
Command Post Vehicle is equipped by base module of automation and communication and personal computers that connects to communication and navigation instrumentation that allows to carry out loading, displaying, registration, processing, inputting and output in text and video information, storage and maintenance databases, definition of vehicle ground's location, automatic coordinates displaying on an electronic map also.

Command vehicle provides the following:
-   Radiotelephony and data communication from the officials' workplaces, installed both inside CV and remote com­mand post;
-   Data communication between radio network counter partners' PCs and control station officials' PCs;
-   Radiotelephony between radio network counter partners and telephone network users of control station, when CV is sited at the control station;
-   Data communication in CV LAN;
-   Access to control station telephone network;
-   Management of remote officials' workplaces; Power supply is provided by:
-   electrical supply network with nominal voltage 220V and frequency 50Hz through external converter with output voltage 27V.
-   diesel generator with output voltage 27V.
-   vehicle power take-off generator.скачать dle 12.0