Handheld 2 W VHF Tactical Radio R-002

Handheld 2 W VHF tactical radio R-002 is designed to provide radio communication in stationary and field conditions while direct carrying by personnel. It provides the possibility to transmit and receive voice information and digital data while operating on fixed frequencies (interference mode) and in anti-interference mode. Protection from jamming is done using Frequency-Hopping-Spread-Spectrum (FHSS) mode. Frequency tuning rate is 312,5 times per sec.

Frequency range: 30 ... 110 MHz; Nominal output power: 2W; average output power: 0,5W;
Embedded control performance system, which detects bad element accurate within plug-in card.
Operation life is not less 20 years.

R-002 operates in the following modes:
-   simplex;
-   standby economic reception ;
-   entering of radio data.

While on fixed frequencies and FHSS mode, R-002 provides transmission and reception of:
-   voice information from telephone headset or directly from transceiver;
-   digital data with rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps from PC or other devices at RS - 232 interface;
-   short alphanumeric messages;
-   individual (selective), circular (group) and tone calls.

While operating on fixed frequencies, voice information is transmitted in:
-   analog form in F3 emission class, which provides connection of radio station through radio channel with radio stations of other types, older ones in particular;
-   digital form in F1 emission class. Voice analog information is converted into digital form with the CVSD (continuous variable-slope delta modulation) method. Conversion rate of voice information is 16000bps.
In FHSS mode voice information is transmitted only with conversion into digital form (CVSD) in F1 emission class.
Voice information, converted into digital form, can be transmitted with technical masking or without it. Technical masking is provided by voice masking device, which is embedded in radio.
R-002 provides radio coverage on medium-cross country while the facility, equipped with radio, stands or in movement, working on circular-pattern antenna not less 4-5 km.
R-002 can operate on not more than 16 preprogrammed channels on fixed frequencies (from 1 to 16), and on not more than 16 preprogrammed channels in FHSS mode (from 17 to 32). The selection of programmed channel is done, using the buttons on the front panel of the radio.

While working with R-002, it possible to control it and enter radio data from:
-   PC;
-   storage and radio data input device.
-   R-002 can be controlled from the keyboard on the front panel of the transceiver. Power supply
Power source: accumulator battery 7,2 - 7,4 V. Performance control of accumulator unit is done by embedded control system. Indicator on the front panel of the transceiver shows the control result. Con­tinuous operation time from fully charge accumulator unit is not less 10 hrs., in relation transmission time/ reception/stand-by saving reception as 1:2:8.

R-002 operates in the following climatic conditions:
temperature of ambient environment is in the range from 238 to 323K (from -35° C to +50° C) relative humidity is not more than 98% under the temperature of 298K (25° C) air pressure is from 60 ^a to 113 кPа (from 450 to 850 mm.m.c). Weight of transceiver: 0,9 kg

Length - 76 mm; Width - 44 mm; Height - 192 mm.скачать dle 12.0