Manpack VHFTactical Radio R-005

Manpack VHF tactical radio is intend­ed for supporting simplex telecommunica­tion service in VHF band. It can be used at stationary objects and in a field open-air by personnel transportation. It can work as receiver-exciter within another radio sets.
Manpack VHF tactical radio provides trans­mitting and receiving an analogues (F3E) and voice information (CVSD), dataflow (F1D) with us­ing fixed frequency (interference mode) and anti- interference mode.
Anti-interference mode is intended for pro­viding communication in rising of a jamming black­out. It provides an anti-jamming blackout by using Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). The frequency tuning rate is 300 times per sec. In the FHSS mode Manpack VHF tactical radio provides connection either with the similar radio station or with the radio station that have com­patible communications protocol and aggregate bandwidth.

-   Frequency range: 30... 110 MHz;
-   Output power: 0,1; 0,5; 5 W;
-   Receiver sensitivity: 0,5 mkV;
-   Frequency spectrum pitch: 12,5; 25 kHz in FHSS mode;
-   Operating mode: single-frequency simplex and dual-frequency simplex;
-   Emission class: F1; F3E; CVSD; Operating running regime:
-   Opened phone;
-   Masking phone;
-   Data transport: 1,2; 2,4; 4,8; 9,6; 16 Kbps,
-   Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum;
-   Power supplying: 18-34 V;
-   Temperature range: -35°C...+55°C;
-   Operation life is not less 20 years;
-   Performance group: 1.14 UXL;

Overall dimensions (Width-Depth-Height): 
230x212x90 mm
Weight: 9 kgскачать dle 12.0