Fielder Cross-connecting Module KP-351

Fielder Cross-Connecting Module is intended for providing line connection to different communication subscriber's ter­minal units (phone, telegraph etc.) in fixed and field communication systems composed of manually or automatically switched subscriber's networks.
Fielder Cross-Connecting Module has no built-in power-supply source and does not re­quire connection to external supply source.
Fielder Cross-Connecting Module has built-in wire-stripper for stripping P-274M wires.
Connection to Fielder Cross-Connecting Module is carried out by pushed Binding Connec­tors.
Cross-Connecting Module provides protec­tion of each subscriber's line against over currents, over voltages and lightning electromagnetic pulses.

-    connection to either up to 10 of two-wire subscriber's lines or up to 5 of four-wire sub­scriber lines by P-274M field cables (or simi­lar subscriber field cable) from the subscrib­er side and PTRK 10x2 field distribution cable from the station side.
-    transition of two subscriber groups with either two-wire lines or with four two-wire lines with using of PTRK 10x2 field distribution cable from the station side and double PTRK 5x2 field distribution cables from the subscriber side.скачать dle 12.0