Radio Gateway R-1261

Radio Gateway R-1261 is intended for providing communication between wireless radio, digital automatic communication net­work and local area network (LAN) in fixed and field military communication systems.
It is used for providing data exchange between wireless radio network subscribers, fixed telecommunication subscribers and operators of automated control system.
Radio gateway provides automatic call to correspondent of any radio network in the conference mode by the group or individual call from any telephone subscribers, terminals of intenal communication connected to the LAN or from the VoIP phone that supports H.323 or SIP.

Provides connection of:
-   6 (VHF or HF) radios in simplex, half-duplex and duplex modes;
-   6 analog phones;
-   Computer connection via RS-232 interface;
-   1 external LAN via 10 Base-T Ethernet interface ("Ethernet 1" port on the front panel);
-   1 external LAN via 10 Base-T/ 100Base-TX Ethernet interface for VoIP ("Ethernet 2" port on the front panel);
-   2 analog trunk lines from DACSK-201.

Provides automatic connection and data exchange between:
-   Correspondents of different radio networks, which employ radio gateway connected to the radio;
-   Radio correspondents and network subscribers automated telephone service;
-   Subscribers of the network of automatic telephone and radio correspondents;
-   Radio correspondents and LAN workstation users;
-   LAN workstation users and radio correspondents;
-   Radio correspondents and radio gateway operator;
-   Radio gateway operator and radio correspondents;
-   Radio gateway operator and users of LAN workstation;
-   LAN workstation users and radio gateway operator.
Power supply: DC (voltage from 18 to 36 V. Nominal voltage 27 V);
Power consumption not more 100 W;
Operating temperature: -35°C ... +50°C;
Dimensions:  490x490x300 mm;
Mean-time-between-failures: not less than 10 000 hours
Weight: 25 kg.скачать dle 12.0