Path Switching And Multiplex Equipment K-1301 (PSME)

PSME is designed to provide opera­tional switching and multiplexing (demulti­plexing) of paths and different rates in mul­tipurpose communication utility sheds.
PSME provides connection and processing up to 48 grouped flows with transfer rate up to 2048 kbps or 12 grouped flows with transfer rate 8448 kbps each according to ITU-T G.703 n ITU-T G.704 international recommendations in AMI codes (only for 2048 kbps) or HDB 3.
PSME implements the concept of electronic cross for digital streams E1/ E2 with discrete switching one channel - 64 kbit/s. Number of group flows - up to 48 E1 or 14 E2 in different combinations. Remote monitoring, switching and diagnostics is possible with control program.


14 intefaces, including 2 optical (E1 or E2);
operates in accordance with international recommendations ITU-T G.703 and ITU-T G.704 in AMI codes (for speed 2048 kb/s) or HDB 3;
crossing of grouped flows with each other and converting of their electrical parameters according to the standards, which are used, while working with the same rate;
possibility to multiplex any of four E1 paths with the rates 2048 kbps in one E2 path with the rate 8448 kbps;
possibility to demultiplex any E2 paths with the rate 8448 kbps into four E1 paths with the rate 2048 kbps;
possibility to enclose loops of digital flows to the side of channel-forming hardware and to the side of home equipment.
Power supply: DC (18-36V protected from false polarity connection)
Operating temperature range: -30°C.... +50°C
Overall dimensions (LWH): 460x555x240 mm.
Weight: 45 kg.
Operation life is not less 20 years.
Mean-time-between-failures is not less 5000 hours.скачать dle 12.0