Voip Gateway K-1220

VoIP Gateway is designed t organize transmission of voice information through IP-data network. It provides connection up to 20 analog telephones across double-wire lines (FXS lines). There are also 4 double-wire analog lines for connection with Automatic Telephone System (ATS) (FXO lines).

To enter data network, gateway is equipped with one WAN and 4 LAN Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX lines (twisted pair). There is also one optical LAN - Ethernet 100 BASE-FX line.
To set VoIP connections through IP-network, H.323 and SIP signaling protocols are used by gateway.
Gateway can also serve as a central device to provide interaction of other VoIP devices (terminals and gateways). Thereto, gateway supports H.323-GateKeeper and SIP - Proxy protocols.
To ensure interaction with other VoIP- gateways, the gateway supports E.164 public networks numbering system.
Gateway can be controlled through RS-232 console. Control is terminated through Telnet.
Analog subscriber lines can operate both in pulse and DTMF modes. Analog lines support the following codecs: -G.711 (A-Law, u-Law); -G.723.1; -G.729a/b.

Power supply
Power supply: DC - 27V.
Operating temperature range: -35°C... +50°C.
Operation life: not less 20 years.
Dimensions: 490x390x194 mm.
Weight: 18 kg.скачать dle 12.0