Network Management "sinevir"

Complex of software and hardware systems that interact according to the algorithm advanced by "Guidelines for operational and technical service of communication nodes" and provides automation of work of officials responsible for planning, deployment and con­figuration management of tactical integrated communication network
Features of the complex «Sinevir»:
-   planning of field communication nodes;
-   radio relay communication planning;
-   VHF radio communication planning;
-   frequency planning;
-   telephone network planning;
-   computing and data networks planning ;
-   control of the march and deployment of field communication nodes;
-   automatic testing of elements of communication system ;
-   automatic generation of reports on the current state of the network;
-   exchange of official text messaging;
-   condition monitoring of networks, nodes, elements and paths;
-   automatic alarm about the failure of networks;
-   network elements management.скачать dle 12.0