Radio Set R-130M YAG1.021.029

R-130M is HF, talk-back, simplex, telephone- telegraph radio set with single-side band modulation (SSBM) and crystal frequency control. R-130M is in­tended HF radio communication. R-130M has discrete frequency spectrum, ensures selection of a preset fre­quency and communication on fixed frequencies with radio sets of the same type, with HF radio sets from old stock that have AM (amplitude modulation) and on-off keying.
R-130M has 950 preset frequencies with 10 kHz gap.

R-130M offers: 
- reception and transmission by telephone at SSBM;
- reception and transmission at AM;
- reception and transmission of telegraph signals at on-off keying (narrow band AT, or wide band AT);
- transmission of telegraph signals at FSK (frequency shift keying) FT-500 (FT)
- stand by reception at all indicated operation types except FSK (STAND BY).
At all types of communication the radio set operates in simplex mode. Distance control- switch from reception mode to transmission mode and communication are realized with the help of telephone TA-57-U through a two-wire line at distance up to 2 km.
The primary power source of R-130M is vehicular mains DC 26 V±15 %.
The radio set operates in temperature range from -40° С to +50° С and relative air humidity 95-98% (when t=40°С).
The radio set can be delivered in several variants (A, А1, АB, А2, АЗ, Т, Т1, BТ, ТЗ, Т6).

1.   Frequency range, MHz
2.   Frequency spacing, kHz
3.   Communication range, km
4.   Consumption current, A, not more:
a)   maximal capacity 
b)   stand by reception 
c)   reception
5.   Frequency stability, not worse
6.   Sensitivity of the receiver, jV, not worse:
a)   narrow band AT 
b)   wide band AT 
c)   SSBM 
d)   AM
7.   Output power, W, not less:
a)   variants A, A1, AB, A2, A3 
I and II sub-ranges 
III - X sub- ranges

b)  variants T, T1, BT, T3, T6 
I  sub-range 
II   - X sub- ranges

c)  maximum capacity
8.   Quantity of damaged frequencies inside of the radio set, not more
9.   Time between failure, hours
10.   Dimensions of the transceiver, mm
11.   Weight (depending on the variant of delivery), not more, kg
12.   Antennas:
up to 350<0 (for the stop at the whip antenna) 







- Whip 4m, 
- “inclined line” (for automobile variant), 
- vertical radiation (in the set of the object), 
- “dipole”
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