Board Receiver Of Satellite Navigation (BRSN)

BRSN is 24 channel GLONASS / GPS / SBAS Class C1 navigation receiver for use in integrated assemblies of air­borne equipment in Civil Air Transport.
BRSN is used as an information system, navigation pa­rameter sensor, for problem solving in en route navigation, terminal area, nonprecision approach and categories 1, APV1, APV2 approach.
Automatically and continuously in real time scale the receiver finds and outputs location coordinates, altitude, three vector components of flight relative speed, the current UTC time, etc. to related systems.

-    for coordinates
-    for altitude

10 m,
15 m.
Updating rate:10 Hz
RAIM function(FDE algorithm).
RAIM prediction:up to 24 hours.
Interference resistance:according to KT3401 and SARPS, Appendix 10 for separate reception of GPS and GLONASS.
Operating temperatures:
-    RCU (receiving and computing unit):
-    antenna, amplifier:
from 40° C to +55° C
from 55° C to +85° C
Supply voltage:27 V
Power consumption:15 W
Dimensions: antenna:119,4x73.6x59 mm
antenna amplifier:147,5x70x21mm
Weight RCU:more than 2,31 kg
Information reception and output:
-    according to ARINC429:
-    onetime commands:

7 inputs / 3 outputs;
9 inputs / 2 outputs.
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