Integrated Satellite Navigation Equipment CN-3307

SNS СN-3307 user equipment is intended for interoper­ability with avionics of Su and MiG aircrafts in standalone and automatic modes.

SNS СN-3307 user equipment provides:
-   standalone desired track flight execution and ap­proach;
-   control from standard aircraft panel or from its own control unit;
-   input and storage of navigation database (WPTs, routes);
-   online storage of the current parameters;
-   input of altitude and speed parameters;
-   input of flight direction parameters;
-   output of navigation data to standard indicating de­vices;
-   output of monitoring signals to ACS (Automatic Con­trol System);
-   output of digital information on standard interfaces ARINC 429 and RS 232;
-   output of information for navigation bombing execu­tion.

Precision of definition: 
-   coordinates: 
-   altitude: 
-   current time: 
-   ground speed vector:
UTC time mark:
track angle:

20 m; 
30 m; 
1 mksec; 
0,2 m/sec;
100 nsec;

* said data are provided at accelerations from –10g tо +10g, flight speed up to 3600 km/h and altitude up to 30 000 m

Supply voltage:
Power consumption:
Total weight of a complete set:
Reception and issue of information:
27 V
30 W
10,5 kg
via digital and analog interfaces of Su and MiG aircrafts.
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