Board Equipment Of Satellite Navigation Cn-4312

CN-4312 equipment is intended for aircraft handling as a part of aircraft avionics system in all flight stages, including non precision approaches.
CN-4312 provides problem solving of navigation, plan­ning, trajectory prediction, aircraft equipment control and air navigation process control using P RNAV requirements with RNP 0.3, RNP 1, RNP 5 accuracy.
Basic modes of navigation parameter determination: SNS, SNS SBAS, SNS GBAS, IS/ADS (Inertial System/ Air Data System), DME/DME, VOR/DME.
CN-4312 provides a joint operation with user and aero­navigation by data bases, automated control of interactive systems, performing of SID/STAR/ APPROACH procedures, categories 1, APV2, APV1 landing in differential mode.
CN-4312 equipment meets the requirements of the fol­lowing documents:
КТ3401 (class A1, B1, С1), КТ178А, 9613 AN/937, JAA TGL-10.

24-channel receiverGPS/GLONASS/SBAS
data recovery 10 Hz
-   color LCD, display format
User database:1000 WPT and 90 routes
Operating temperatures:
-   RICU (receiver indicator and control unit):
-   UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
-   A (antenna):
-   LNA-SSF (Low Noise Amplifier)

from – 20° C tо + 55° C
from – 20° C tо + 55° C
frоm 55° C tо + 85° C
from 55° C tо + 55° C
Supply voltage:+ 27 V
Power consumption:no more than 20 W
-   RICU:
-   UPS:
-   A:
-   LNA-SSF:

181х87х252 mm
160х173х52 mm
55x73,6x119,6 mm
140,5х70х19,5 mm
-   RICU:
-   UPS:
-   A:
-   LNA-SSF:

no more than 2,5 kg
no more than 1,1 kg
no more than 0,2 kg
no more than 0,24 kg
Digital interfaces:
ARINC 429 8 inputs/4 utputs; 1PPS
1 channel
Analog interfaces:
-   Output (±10 V)
-   current outputs (±150 mV)

1 channel;
3 channels.
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