Navigation And Geodetic Two Frequency Equipment Cn-4601

Navigation and geodetic two frequency GNSS GPS/GLONASS user equipment and software to obtain, store, per­form post session processing of measurement results, data output.
Equipment CN-4601 is intended for high precision po­sition finding a field.
CN-4601 provides relative definitions in the mode of static and kinematic surveying with post session processing using PC and suitable software.
Processing of measured data of any other receivers is possible, (input data are format RINEX files).

24 receiving channels:
12 receiving channels:
Precision of definition in static surveying mode (base to 50 km):
-  relative coordinates: 
-  relative value of altitude:
Operating temperatures: 
-  receiver: 
-  antenna:
Operating increased humidity:
-  receiver and antenna 100% (25°C)
Weight: (receiver, antenna, battery):
Power supply:
Power consumption:
code and carrier phase.

GPS, L2С- range, code and carrier phase.

5 mm + 1 ррm 
20 mm + 1 ррm

from 20° С tо +50° С 
from 50° С tо +70° С
180х75х44 mm
0,85 kg
DC 10-30 V
3 W
two input-output ports RS232
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