Transceiving Ultra Wide Band Antenna

The Transceiving Ultra Wide Band Antenna (UWBA) is intended for the operation in driving at the installation on a vehicle.
The UWBA functioning mode is the reception and radi­ation of the electromagnetic waves by antenna with a circular antenna pattern in motion and on the parking of the vehicle, where it is installed.
The basic functional feature of the UWBA is the recep­tion and radiation of the electromagnetic waves in ultra wide frequency band without retuning of UWBA.
The various versions of UWBA (UWBA1 or UWBA2) can be used by civilian agencies, as well as the army, security services, police, border guards and other power structures and organizations.

Specification of Transceiving Ultra Wide Band Antennas 
Operating frequency range30 - 400 MHz30 - 175 MHz
 (except 175-215 MHz) 
Antenna pattern (AP) in horizontal planeCircularCircular
Variations of AP in horizontal plane, no more1.5 dB1.0 dB
Maximum input power (option of Customer)50 (100) W50 (100) W
Voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR):  
frequency band 30-175MHz, no more3.33.0
frequency band 215-400MHz, no more2.5-
Gain of SWAfrom -1 dB up +2.5 dBfrom -0.5 dB up +3 dB
Height of SWA on-position2820 mm2820 mm
Mass of SWA, no more4.9 kg3.4 kg
Temperature operation rangefrom -50° C up +55° Cfrom -50° C up +55° C
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