GPS And/or Glonass Jammer "KUPOL-1"

System is designed for impeding operation of the equipment which uses GPS/GLONASS signals to determine current location by imitating structure navigation signal


  • Operating temperature (-20°C.+60°C);
  • Full weight - less than 24 kg, approximate dimensions (excluding antennae and cables) - 380x290x180 mm;
  • Transmitted power - no less than 10 W on each of two channels;
  • Power consumption - less than 280 W, optional power source - AC (110. ..250 V, 50. ..60 Hz) or DC (12V or 24V);
  • Gain factor of directional antennas no less than 12 dB;
  • Working bandwidth: 1210-1260 MHz for channel 2 and 1550-1620 MHz for channel 1;
  • Approximate jamming range - up to 15 km (using omni-directional antennae) and up to 250 km (using directional antennae).


Power amplifier specification

  • each unit weights less than 4 kg, approximate dimensions (240x90x60) mm;
  • gain factor - 40 dB (1mW...10W), frequency band (1220.1620) MHz for PAU 2 and (1550.1620) MHz for PAU1;
  • low-power transmitting mode (10 dB);
  • power supply 24 V (12 V) with power consumption below 120 W;
  • sends malfunction diagnostic signal to SCU;
  • input signals from SCU: HF jamming signal (0,5 mW...1 mW), power supply 12 V (2 A) or 24 V (1 A), low-power mode selection signal (logic level);
  • output signals: amplified HF signal to antenna from each unit (10 W, 1 W regulated), SCU diagnostic signal (logic level)

Directional antenna specification

  • Transmits signal from SCU in frequency band 1220.1610 MHz with SWFV not more than 1,5;
  • Antenna weights less than 2 kg, direction diagram 40°x40°.

Omni-directional antennas specification

-   Antenna weights less than 2 kg.

Power supply unit specification

-   Unit supplies stabilized voltage: +12 V (2 A) for SCU, +12 V (20 A) or +24 V (10 A) for PAU;
-   Input voltage: either AC (90.260) V (47.400) Hz or DC +24 V or +12 V;
-   Weights less than 2 kg, dimensions (230x130x51) mm;
Sends self diagnostic signal to SCU by logic level signals.

SYSTEM'S PARTS REQUIREMENTS Synthesis and control unit requirements

-   Unit synthesizes singnals capable to jam GPS/GLONASS equipment and sends these signals with transmis­sion parameters (frequency band, time structure of the signals, on-load power) through coaxial cables to PAU1 and PAU2;
-   Unit allows to control power and jamming type;
-   Unit provides overall system diagnostic with indication of operation mode and detected system malfunctions;
-   Weights less than 2 kg, dimensions (200x120x100) mm;
-   Power consumption - less than 10 W DC +24 V;
-   Output signals: HF signals to PAU1 and PAU2 (0,1 mW ...1 mW), low-power mode selection signals for PAU1 and PAU2 (logic level);
-   Input signals: diagnostic signals from SCU and SPSU (logic level).скачать dle 12.0