Transceiver R-143

HF Radio set R-143 is intended to ensure tele­phone and telegraph radio communication in simplex mode between subscribers (man-pack version), mobile and fixed radio sets.
R-143 is the radio set of the third generation that offers simple maintenance and does not require a high­ly qualified operator.

R-143 provides: 
* two-way simplex communication with using USB (upper side band) and suppression of the carrier and LSB (lower side band);
* two-way simplex communication in AT telegraph mode; 
* carrier telegraphy at a nominal frequency with frequency shift (250±50)Hz relative to the carrier;
* joint operation on transmission using SR (speed of response) equipment with speed up to 150 bauds in FT (Frequency Telegraph) mode;
* tonal call with audio reception at frequency (1000 +500/ -200) Hz;retuning time (after setting of rated frequency by the decade switch)
is not more 20 -30 s; 
* telephone communication at a set frequency from Field Telephone TA-57-y (TA-57) that is connected to the radio set by a double-wire
field cable up to 500 m. 

R-143 is made in the following versions: 
* YAG 1.201.034-01 - man-pack radio set that ensures independent operation. Power supply of the radio set is carried out by storage battery;
* YAG 1.201.034-02, -03, -04,-08 - mobile radio sets; 
* YAG 1.201.034-05, -09 - fixed radio sets.1. Frequency range, MHz 
Frequency range MHz1,5-19,999
Frequency spacing , kHz1,0
Power of transceiver, not less, W8,0
Receiver sensitivity, |V2,0
Frequency stability±3x10 -6
Current consumption, max, A 
YAG 1.201.034-02,-03, -08 from power source 27V: 
-receive mode0,4
-transmit mode4,5
YAG 1.201.034-04 from power source 12V: 
-receive mode3,0
-transmit mode8,0
YAG 1.201.034-05, -09 from power source 27V: 
-receive mode0,4
-transmit mode4,5
YAG 1.201.034-05, -09 from power source 220V: 
-receive mode1,0
-transmit mode2,0
Power supply, V 
YAG 1.201.034, -01 - power supply from 2 storage batteries 10HKBH-3,5;27 (+2,7/-4,9)
YAG 1.201.034-02, -03 - from DC network;12 (+2,5/-1,2)
YAG 1.201.034-04 - from DC network;220 (+44)
YAG 1.201.034-05, -09 from :
- AC network with frequency 50Hz27 (+2,7/-4,9)
- AC network27 (+2,7/-4,9)
YAG 1.201.034-08 from DC network
Operating range, up to, km300,0
Operating temperature, °C-50°C flo +50°C
Time between failures, h2200
Dimensions of the transceiver, mm105x310x350
Weight, kg11,0
Antennas 2m or 4m whip; inclined wire, dipole.
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