Transceiver R-163-10K

R-163-10K is man-pack, HF, simplex, telephone- telegraph, talk-back radio set with single-side-band modulation (SSBM) that provides frequency telegraph, amplitude telegraph and SSBM operation modes with radio sets of the same type, as well as with Radio sets on common ranges.

The radio set provides: 
* SSBM telephony on USB (upper side band) (radiation A3J); 
* Telegraphy with on-off keying of frequency carrier (radiation A1); 
* Telegraphy with FSK (frequency-shift keying) with carrier frequency shift ±250 Hz (radiation F1);
* Telegraph data transmission with speed 150 bit/s max., with carrier frequency shift ±250 Hz (radiation F1);
* Transmission and reception of address calls, telecode information and call tones with light indication;
* Transmission and reception of call tones with self-listening; 
* Remote control by control panel (distance up to 10 m); 
* Scanning reception. 
Control of R-163-10K is effected by a built-in microcomputer.

Frequency range, MHz2-30
Frequency spacing, kHz1,0
Frequency entry, set of modeskeypad controlled
Displayalphanumeric with light indication
Tuning time from one preset frequency to another, s0,5
Tuning time, s15
Number of preset frequencies8
Receiver's susceptibility, jV3,0
Relative frequency stability±4,5x10 -6
Current consumption, max, A 
Power supply, V 
-storage battery 10NKGTz-6-112,5
-direct current source10,5-14,0
Operating range on Dipole antenna (at a stop), kmup to 300
Operating range on Whip antenna, kmup to 30
Operating temperature-50° C ... +55° C
Time between failures, h5200
Dimensions of the transceiver, mm321x297x114
Weight of the set, max, kg13,2
Antennas:Whip (2m,4m),
 Dipole antenna
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