Combined Radio Set R-142NE

Combined Radio set R-142NE provides com­munication in tactical and operational control link. It operates all-year-round, while moving and at a stop, independently or as a unit of communication system. It ensures all-round-the-clock communication on fre­quency range within 1,5-79,975MHz in middle cross­country conditions.
CRS (combined radio set) is installed into metal­lic heated body on transport base of the GAZ-66 and provides radio communication at the environment tem­perature from -40°C to +50°C and relative air humidity 98% at the temperature 40°C.
R-142NE consists of one HF radio set and three VHF radio sets, commutation equipment, confidential information trans­mitting equipment and telephone communication.
R-142NE ensures:
-   simplex radio phone communication;
-   reception and transmission of selective call;
-   radio phone communication from all working places through an external radio set;
-   acoustic and telegraph communication through external radio set;
-   reception and transmission of the signals of selective and conference call;
-   internal selective and conference communication between the crew members;
-   automatic information retransmission by radio sets.
Power source of the equipment installed into CRS are:
-   generator G-290 (in motion);
-   electric generating set AB1-P28 (at a stop).
Power from the generator of electric generating set is 1 kW.
Power supply is 27 (+2,7/-4,9)V when ripple voltage is not more 500mV.
Formerly delivered R-142NE can be modernized:
-   replacement of communication facilities;
-   replacement of communication facilities and transport base.
CRS with any other communication facilities and other gears on the transport base given by the client can be developed and produced.скачать dle 12.0