Radio Set "BERKUT-M" For 1.201.015

BERKUT-M" is intended to provide telephone and telegraph radio communication between mobile and stationary objects in HF range, also to work as exciter.
"BERKUT-M" provides preset communication with the radio sets of the same type and also with other types of radio sets, having the same operation modes and the same frequency range. It is carried out in middle-cross country conditions all-year-round on frequencies, selected regarding radio waves propaga­tion.
"BERKUT-M" operates on whip antennas with length 4m and 3m, two-whip vertical radiation antenna (VRA 4m), dipole antenna.
Remote control panel and antenna-matching device of the radio set provide operation on a distance 10m and 20m.

"BERKUT-M" offers operation under the following conditions: 
-    temperature from minus 50°C to 60°C at relative air humidity up to 98% when temperature is 35°C;;
-   at impact loads with acceleration 20g with impulse duration 5-15m/s; 
-   at vibration loads with acceleration 5g within 5-500Hz.

BERKUT-M" provides the following types of work in simplex and two-frequency simplex modes:
-   telephony with single-side band modulation on upper or lower side band (radiation class A3J);
-   amplitude telegraphy with on-off keying of the carrier (radiation class A1); 
-   frequency telegraphy with FSK (frequency-shift keying)with carrier frequency shift ±250Hz (radiation class F1);
-   telegraphy, 150bit/s min, FSK with carrier frequency shift ±250Hz (QA-quick action) and ±100Hz (adaptation of radio-
network) with automatic telegraphy (radiation class F1); 
-   scanning reception. 
The radio set's control is provided by integral microcomputer.

Frequency range, MHz1,5-29,999
Frequency spacing, kHz1,0
Input of frequency, setting of modeskeypad controlled
Displayalphanumeric with light indication
The number of preset frequencies16
Time of automatic retuning from one frequency to another, s0,5
Output power, W50,0
Receiver sensitivity, |jV3,0
Relative instability of frequency reception±3x10 -7
Tuning time, s15
Current consumption, max, A
-   receive
-   transmit

Power supply, V22-30
Operating range, km350
Operating conditions, °C-50° C ... +60° C
Time between failures, h5200
Dimensions, mm:
-   transceiver
-   antenna matching device

Weight, kg:
-   transceiver
-   antenna matching device

Antennas:whip 4, 3, 2 or 1m;
 whip antenna of vertical radiation;
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