Stationary Vhf-uhf Band Direction Finding Station «rubezh»


Stationary VHF-UHF band direction finding station «RUBEZH» Composition:
  Antenna-feeder system consisting of two ring antenna arrays with diameter of 2.8 m and 0.6 m, lifting mast, unit of wideband input devices and switching, receiver, digital processing unit, connection controller, modem, power supply unit, UHF-transmitter with antenna.
  - Operating frequency band: 30-1000 MHz,
  - Sensitivity: 5-35 µV/m,
  - Range of received signal levels 100 dB,
  - Instrumental bearing error: 1° (RMS),
  - Minimal signal duration for its bearing to be determined: 200 ms,
  - Frequency bandwidth: 5-150 kHz,
  - Bearing timing accuracy: ±125 msth antenna.скачать dle 12.0