The station is installed on helicopters and aircraft equipped with two turboprop engines. The station does not need any information regarding type of suppressed missiles and successfully functions without any launch detection system. In order to provide the most effective protection of aircraft the system must be used in combination with exhaust shields and / or flare dispensers.

– normal environment temperature from +20°С to –15°С;
– elevated environment temperature: operating +60°С, short-term operating +70°С;
– lower environment temperature -50°С;
– elevated relative air humidity 98% (temperature +35°С).
  The system consists of radiation unit and control unit.
  Protection zone: by azimuth – 330°, by elevation – from – 20° to + 30°.
  Start-up time – not more than 5 minutes.
  SOES «Adros» КТ-03UE ensures protection (missile attack failure):
- of helicopter – with probability 0,85;
- of aircraft – with probability 0,75.
  Among additional features there are: built-in automatic test, re-programmability, unification (interchangeability of units), automated unified working mode.

Power supply:
– DC+ 27 V;
– single-phase voltage115 V, 400 Hz;
– two-phase voltage208 V, 400 Hz.
Power consumption:
– 208 V, 400 Hz – not more than5000 VA;
– 115 V, 400 Hz – not more than500 VА;
– 27 V – not more than500 W.
System weight – not more than40 kg.
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