It is intended to form jamming signal in order to block receiving channels of mobile means of communications, operating in frequency range of analog and digital standards of cellular communications systems. Device can be used for protection of objects against possible realization of terrorist acts involving explosive devices, activated by radio channels of mobile cellular communications, as well as for blocking communication networks’ subscribers during special operations.
  The operating principle of the product is based on the formation of the broadband barrier frequency modulated (FM) jamming signal in each of two frequency sub-bands of the product.
  The main distinctive feature and advantage of this product is the usage of dual-band planar antenna array with high amplification factors ~ 10-12 dB. This allows to implement high energy potential of 30-45 W in the direction of maximum of radiation pattern and, consequently, increasing the distance of suppression in a given direction.
  «Voyage» product is implemented in two versions, differing in jamming signal frequency band, forming and radiation.
  Thus, «Voyage 0918» is intended to block operation of mobile communication devices operating in frequency range of 925-960 and 1805-1880 MHz, and the product «Voyage 0819» - in frequency range of 869-895 and 2125-2170 MHz.
  The system is produced in the form of portable briefcase with a built-in plane antenna array. The product operates from internal battery and 220 V, 50 Hz AC network. Continuous battery life is up to 8 hours depending on the type of battery used. The product does not require tuning and adjustment, and, after power switching on, it is ready for operation.

• dual band antenna
• jamming signals formers
• power amplifiers of appropriate frequency bands
• power supply unit.скачать dle 12.0