Ground-based, mobile, jamming protected radar for aerial and maritime target designation P-18-MR has been developed for digital processing of the data obtained in regards to aerial and maritime targets designation, identification and tracking.
  The radar is able to automatically designate the target’s current coordinates (azimuth, slant range, direction, speed and altitude) and trajectory of the stealth targets.
Radar complex includes crew training simulator facilities.
  The radar is protected against active and passive jamming. Automatic elimination of radar signal radiation zone ensures increased survivability of the radar.


Frequency band145-175 MHz
Number of air targets pursued simultaneously by the radar256
Range of small size low flying targets identification (altitude 300 m)100 km
Maximal height of target identification20 000 m
Maximal range of identification500 km
Minimal distance of target designation5 km
Fixed frequency shifting time≤ 0.005 sec
Remote control unit distance from the radar complex≤ 5000 m
Breakdown operation time≥ 3000 hours
Turn-on time radar≥ 3 min
Deployment time (5 persons crew)45 min
Power consumption≤ 7 kW
Weather conditions-40° - +50°C
RMS error of target coordinates designation
while no jamming conditions
range180 m
speed12 m/sec
Resolution capabilityas per distance1200 m
as per azimuth≤ 6°
as per speed3 m/sec
Radar work site Altitude (compared to the sea level)≤ 3000 m
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