Ground-Level and Low-Speed
(Low-Flying) Target Detection Radar 111L1 "LIS"

111L1 Radar is designed for detection of moving people and vehicles (optionally – low-flying targets and maritime targets) for security and reconnaissance support.
Radar provides automatic detection and location of targets at any time of the year under conditions of rain, fog, precipitation, smoke or dust, in default of optical visibility. The targets are displayed on the LCD indicator together with bearing and range data.
During processing the non-parametric algorithms are applied, thus allowing to escape the false targets tracking regardless of interference environment. Target recognition mode allows to detect automatically target velocity and listen to the specific sound spectrum of a target (man, group, vehicle, helicopter etc.).
The basic version is designed to allow the radar installation on the horizontally adjustable platform. The version with the stabilized platform allows using radar as a vehicle-based (APC, ACV, automobile) fast-deployed mobile complex, featuring automatic antenna leveling according to the indications of the built-in accelerometer horizon sensors.
Antenna rotation and leveling is executed by piezoelectric, gearless, reversible electromotors.

General Specification
1Scan Zones:
• in azimuth - (-60+60)° with possibility of random sector reducing;
• in range - (0-12) km with possibility of random scan zone selection within a given range.
2Full Scan Time (120°, 12 km):
• under normal conditions - 25 sec;
• under conditions of sand storms and rain - 50 sec.
3Target detection range (radial speed 2 km/h ... 50 km/h):
• single person – 5.4 km (3.6 km under conditions of sand storm or rain);
• vehicle – 11.5 km (5.5 km under conditions of sand storm or rain);
• helicopter - 12 km (7 km under conditions of sand storm or rain).
4Radar resolution range:
• bearing - not worse than 2° in all modes;
• range - not worse than 200 m in scan mode (100 m under heavy interference), 25 m in recognition mode.
5Setting-up procedure – does not exceed 5 min.

General Technical And Operational Specification
1Frequency36 GHz
2Transmitter capacity0.2 W
3Emitted signal typePCM continuous signal
4Antenna aperture400 mm
5Input voltage24±5V d.c. (optional - a.c. 110-250V, 50-60 Hz)
6Power consumption60 W max.
7Operating temperatures range for radar- 30°C ... +60°C
8Operating temperatures range for LCD20°C ... +50°C
9Rel. humidity at 35°Cup to 98%
10Wind speedup to 15 m/sec
11Weight (including the stabilized platform)30 kg
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