Portable jammer GPS/Glonass «ANKLAV»
Purpose: he system is intended for jamming of navigation equipment which uses the GPS/GLONASS signals for determination of present-position coordinates.
Portable jammer «ANKLAV»  provides jamming navigation receivers GPS / GLONASS.
It is an effective tool in combating drones and precision-guided weapons.
Portable jammer «ANKLAV» is manufactured in portable and stationary version with directional antennas and omnidirectional.
Accommodation options portable jammer «ANKLAV»:
  • portable mobile option
  • on buildings and fixed towers
  • in armored vehicles and automobiles
Technical details:
Jamming range:
– with directional antennas40 km
– with omnidirectional antennas20 km
Operation modes:
– mode "1"GPS jamming
– mode "2"GLONASS jamming
– mode "3"GPS/GLONASS jamming
Weight30 kg
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