P-19 And P-18 Radar Modernization

Fully automatic primary processing of radar data eliminates from the process one of its weakest links - a human-operator - and allows the separation of radar and command post by distance, this significantly increases system survivorship and minimizes the threat of being destroyed by homing missiles.
  • all solid state design;
  • improved combat performance features;
  • improvement of radar maintenance;
  • extension of radar service life;
  • full coherence;
  • cost-efficiency.
The following equipment is installed in a hardware compartment replacing the existing equipment:
  • solid-state transmitter;
  • solid-state receiver;
  • digital signal processing system;
In addition, the following equipment can be supplied at Customer’s request:
  • 4-channel dejammer;
  • height-finder control software and equipment;
  • software for guiding fighter aviation;
  • software for targeting ADS;
  • equipment for documentation.
New possibilities and advantages:
  • significant increase of detection range, accuracy, jamming immunity, numbers of plots and tracks, reliability;
  • significant (up to 100dB) increase of a dynamic range resulting in high jamming immunity and suppression of clutter and weather formations;
  • implemented functions of a radar extractor for post-detection signal processing (detection, location measuring, plots generation, clutter map, scan-to-scan processing, stabilization of false target generation, processing of identification signals, data distribution to consumers);
  • large number of probing signals, ability to choose the best one depending on the air situation, jamming and combat conditions;
  • reconfigurable (via program or randomly) parameters of probing signal - working frequency, modulation type, waveform;
  • efficient algorithms for clutter suppression with wind speed compensation;
  • automatic combining of amplitude and coherent channels that decreases signal loss and increases detection range and accuracy;
  • implementation of automatic built-in diagnostic system.
No.  P-19P-18
1           Frequency band830-882 MHz825-890 MHz,150-170 MHz140-180 MHz,
2           Measured parametersazimuth, range
3           Radar coverage zone:
min range10 km1.5 km  
max range140 km300 km270 kmup to 360 km
4           Location accuracy:    
range2,000 m100 m1,800 m200 m
bearing of active jammers1.5°
5           Resolution:    
range2500 m600 m2,000 m1,200 m
6           Jamming immunity:    
6.1            Against active jamming:
working frequency hoppingmanualautomatic adaptive, 0.4MHz discreetmanualautomatic
0.2 MHz discreet
dynamic range of signal processing system32dB105dB30dB105dB
extra expansion of dynamic range through automatic gain control18dB+30 dB18dB+ 30 dB
4-channel dejammer of active jamming-option-option
6.2Against passive jamming:
clutter suppression ratio26dBnot less than 50 dB20dBmore than 50 dB
working zone of the MTI system 0-150 km,0-255km, manual0-360 km,
adaptive MTI,adaptive MTI,
clutter mapclutter map
6.3Against10 timesfull suppression10 timesfull suppression
nonsynchronous pulse jamming:
7          Target detection:-auto auto
plots per scanup to 10| up to 1,000   .up to 10up to 1,000
number of tracks-up to 150-up to 150
active jammer tracking-up to 36-up to 36
8          Height-finder control mode (on-fully automatic-fully automatic
condition of installation of height-finder extractors): (option)
number of controlled height-finders-up to 4-up to 4
9          FA guidance modes and ADMS-+-+
10        Operating conditions:    
temperature-40… +50°С
relative humidity95%
max asl2500 m
11        Combat crew5353
12        Start-up time180sec40 sec.180 sec90 sec.
13        Set-up/tear down timennmin1 hour
14        Power consumption8 kVA8 kVA10 kVAup to 10 kVA
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