The mobile 3-D air surveillance radar for low, medium and high altitudes with coordinate and track outputs, operating off-line or as a part of regional and national automatic control post (ACP) is designed to be used:
- as a part of anti-aircraft missile troops to issue targeting to anti-aircraft missile complexes;
- as an information link in the air forces and air defense units for air traffic control.

Mobile Radar 80K6M designed to be used as a part of radio and anti-aircraft missile troops,to issue targeting to the antiaircraft missile troops and to ensure the following:
- detection, tracking and measurement of the airborne target coordinates and their ground speed calculation;
- recognition of the aircraft IFF equipment; calculation of elevation and azimuth bearing at active jamming stations;
- data issuing to the radar workstations and the integrated systems.

Operating frequency range: S
Maximum radar operation limits:
in range, km: 400
in azimuth, deg: 360
in elevation,deg: 0...35, 55
in altitude, km: 40
Scanning interval, s: 5, 10
Target detection range, RCS=3-5 m2 (at P=0,8 F=10-6):
at flight altitude 10km: 200...250
Antenna type: DPAR
Transmitter type: Multiple, klystron
Transmitter peak power, kW: 130
Number of beams: 12
Clutter suppression, dB: 50
Jamming cancelling, dB: 50
Track throughput, more than: 300
IFF equipment: built-in
Number of transport units: 2
Deployment/closing time, min: 30скачать dle 12.0