BTR-3BR Armoured Repair And Recovery Vehicle

The vehicle is intended to prepare for recovery and to tow damaged armoured fighting vehicles, to carry out welding and excavation works, to transport spare parts and expendable materials within the weight limit of up to 21.

Basic characteristics

Vehicle typeArmoured repair and recovery vehicle based on APC wheeled chassis
Crew, men3
Troops, men2

Crane equipment:
Load capacity, tat least 2 with a jib of 3,5 m
Hook height, m4,5

Pulling force, t6
Pulling force with triple pulley system, t15
Usable rope length, m50
Cutting and welding system:Cutting and welding metal with thickness up to 10 mm at distances up to 20 m

Auxiliary power unit:
Capacity, kWat least 8

Loading platform:
Carrying capacity, tup to 1

Tools and accessories

Machine gun:
Caliber, mm7,62
Ammunition allowance, pes.1500(6x250)
Communication equipmentAt the demand of the customer
Firefighting systemAutomatic
Air conditioner/heater, kW10/18
Smoke screen laying system"Tucha", 6 mortars
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