The air conditioning unit KTO-2,5 (air conditioner) is designed for ensuring comfortable working conditions for the crew in the inhabited compartment of the tank by cooling and drying, or ventilation air
in the inhabited compartment.

Air conditioner includes:
- outdoor unit;
- air processing unit;
- control panel and power unit;
- connecting hoses and pipes for Khladon (cooling agent).
The outdoor unit has waterproof design, which excludes the preparatory work with air conditionin
before overcoming water obstacles. There are versions of AHU with different fans: with axial fan and
diffusers and a pressure fan for air distribution through the duct. Control panel and connecting cabels
are also included in the air conditioner.

Air conditioner specifications

Name of parameter and characteristics

Value of parameter or characteristics

1 Cooling capacity, kW
2 Power consumption, kW, not more than
3 Maximum consumption of processed air through APU,
4 Weight, kg
5 Cooling agen
R 134а

The configuration of the air conditioner units involves the installation of two air conditioners in the
tank: one in the body, the second in the turret. This arrangement provides effective air treatment both
in the control department and in the combat compartment

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