The air-conditioning unit AK-3,0 (air conditioner) is designed for ensuring comfortable working condi
tions for the crew of the tank by cooling and drying, or ventilation of air in tank inhabited compartment.
Air conditioner consists of:
- outward unit of air conditioner;
- internal air processing unit (APU);
- control panel of the unit;
- connecting cables and tubes for cooling agent together with
transitional device.
There is separate space in outward unit for SPTA of the tank. On the APU unit there are deflectors
for optimal air distribution of air inside the turret.
Due to high automation level, easy operation of air conditioner is ensured. The information аbout:
current values of cooling agent pressure, values of el.current, air temperatures in inhabited compart
ment is displayed on the screen of the control panel. Also displayed information about presence of
interlocks or emergency situations and their causes.

Technical characteristics of air conditioning unit

Denomination of parameter and Characteristics

Value of parameters or characteristics

1 Cold productivity of air conditioner,(kWt)
2 Consumed current, no more than,(A)
3 Max. consumption of the air through the air
treatment unit, (m?/hour)
4 Mass, (kg)
5 Refrigerant

Configuration of air condition units allows to install it in the tank T-72 with minimal modifications,
without welding works on the tank. The outward unit is installed instead of SPTA box on the right side
of the turret. Connection (tubes and wires) of outside unit with air processing unit (APU) nstalled inside
the turret, is made through the hole in the turret of so called apparatus of intracommunication. The connector itself will remain. Air processing unit and control panel are installed inside the turret, behind the
seat of the gunner, in exchange of 2 rounds. At the same time one round is placed in exchange of one
charge behind the seat of commander. As a result of these changes the installation of air condition will
decrease the number of ammunition in the tank on one round and one charge.

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