The unit APK- 5,5 provides:
- Cooling or ventilation of air of the inhabited compartment, regardless functioning of the main
engine of the tank.
- Electric supply of external consumers by DC, 27V, and also by AC, 220B.
- Electric supply to the tank devices that consume eneregy, including the charge of tank
storage batteries.
The unit consists of:
- Outward block of the unit;
- Internal air processing unit,
- Control panel of the unit,
- Outward consumers cable,
- Inverter DC 24V/ AC 220V (option);
- Connecting cables with transitional device and tubes for a refrigerant.
The unit is the autonomous system, including the air-oil cooled diesel engine, with his own fuel tank
which allow to work not only the air conditioner but the system of electric supply for feeding of electric
equipment of the tank.
The design of the unit allows you to power the air conditioner both from the system when the main
engine is running, or from the power unit. Maximum electric power output from the unit: 5.5 kW, when
the air conditioner is operating in the cooling mode: 3.0-4.0 kW (depending on the air temperature).
Due to high automation level, simplicity of aggregate control is provided Information about below

mentioned parameters is displayed on the screen of control panel: current values of pressure of cool-
ing agent, value of supplied electic tension on the output of the aggregate, value of output electric

current,RPM of diesel engine, temperature of air inside the cooling compartment, temperature in diesel
compartment, different interlocks, emergency situations and their reasons.
Composition of elements of aggregate allow to install it in the tank T-72 with minimum changes and
without welding works on the tank. Outside unit is placed in exchange of box of spare parts on the right
side of the turret.Connection ( tubes and wires) of outside unit with air processing unit installed inside
the turret, is made through the hole in the turret of so called apparatus of intracommunication. The con-
nector itself will remain. Air processing unit and control panel are placed inside the turret, behind the
seat of the gunner, in exchange of 2 rounds. At the same time one round is placed in exchange of one
charge behind the seat of commander. As a result of these changes the installation of the aggregate
will decrease the number of ammunition in the tank on one round and one charge.

Technical characteristics of the unit

Denomination of parameter and characteristics                                                   Value of parameters or characteristics
1 Cold productivity of air conditioner, (kWt)
2 Rated current, supplied to el. system of the vehicle,(A)
3 Rated electric power,(kWt)
4 Nominal electric power to electric system of the vehicle or
outer consumers while the work of air condition in cooling
regime, (kWt)
up to 4,0
5 Nominal power supplied to outer consumers, (kWt)
6 Kind of current, supplied tension (V)
DC, 27...28
7 Engine.
Diesel, two cylinder, four stroke, air-oil cooled
8 Max. consumption of the air through the air treatment unit,
9 Mass, (kg):
not more 205
10 Refrigerant.
R 134à
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