Designed for radio suppression of various electronic tools, radio links of fixed, mobile and portable radios, receiving channels for cordless phones, cellular communication systems, as well as to protect movable assets (moving columns and single vehicles) and stationary objects from radio-controlled explosive devices (mines, bombs, etc.).
This problem is solved by radiation of an interfering signal in all frequency range, where it is possible to use these radio links management. The system is designed on the basis and taking into account the operating experience of similar purpose product, which was used by Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent on the Middle East. Use of this product allowed neutralize several attempts to undermine the radio-controlled movement motorcade (explosions occurred after the passage by column of radio-controlled land mine – outside of suppression zone).

Working frequency range20 - 2500 MHz
Type of noisebroadband barrage
The total integrated output noise power230 W
Suppression distance
(depending on the
parameters of
suppressed radio)
75-5000 m
Power1 kW
Power supply11,5 – 14 V
Ambient temperature-40 °C to 60 °C
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