The “TANDEM-2” system is intended for control of the armament of infantry combat vehicles (BMP), armoured personnel carriers (BTR), and other lightly armoured vehicles using:
  • automatic 30 mm cannon;
  • automatic grenade launcher;
  • 7,62 mm coaxial machine gun;
  • anti-tank missile complex.
By the present time the first samples of that system successfully passed the tests at the test grounds of the Algerian armed forces. The “TANDEM-2” system provides for:
- detection and observation of ground targets on the background of the underlying surface with the help of TV cameras with two fields of vision at a meteorological visibility range of 10 km at day and night (min. illuminance, 5x10 -3 lx) at ranges:

Tank, BMP, BTR
at day -6 ... 10 km
at night -1,2 ... 2,0 km

Group of people
at day -2,4 ... 4,6 km
at night -0,6 ... 0,9 km

- display the ground targets image and surrounding situation as well as the service alphanumeric information on the TV screen; - measurement of the distance to the detected target by the laser rangefinder with accuracy within 5 m;
- rangefinder and TV channels electronic adjustment from the operators workplace;
- selected weapon aiming angles automatic determination and displaying of their numeric values on the display;
- combat vehicle mechanisms’ control, including automatic commands issuance, to ensure beyond the vehicle superstructures passage when aiming the weapon systems;
- sighting of the target and missile when firing by the anti-tank missile complex;
- automatic self testing of the equipment;
- infrared imager and video-recorder connection possibility.скачать dle 12.0