Our Company can provide modernization of the armament complex and fire control system of the armoured vehicles providing ability to fire the guided weapons via the bore channel, extended ranges of detection and identification of the target, TI ability.
Upgrade of Fire Power of the existing armoured vehicles with additional Fire Systems namely:
  • Automatic Grenade Launcher;
  • Guided Missile Systems;
  • Anti-Aircraft Systems.
Integration of additional Fire systems into the existing Fire Control Systems and provision of separate complex Fire Control Systems to the existing Armoured Vehicles.
Provision of the automatic loading mechanism for tanks with increasing of the fire rate of the vehicle; Installation of the automatic loading mechanism sufficiently increase the fire rate of the modernized tank comparing with the main battle tanks of type Leopard-2F5 or Abrams M1A2. The automated loading mechanism is installed into the developed tank turret niche. The capacity of the automated loading mechanism varies from the tank type.
Multicolour mega-pixel video camera is installed into the eyepiece of the sight ТШ-2 (telescope folding sight) or ТШС (telescope folding sight standard) already available at tank.
Colour picture monitor is provided along with functional keyboard and on-board administration computer with large computational and data capabilities for control and operation of images, integrated, via the information network, with measurement and the stabilizer angle-mismatching unit, the weather condition and powder charge temperature sensors by means of the electro- optical module with the range finder and the thermal imaging camera installation on the gun mantlet are offered.
Proposed system allow:
  • formation of the aiming mark and the range finder dot on the video monitor display;
  • communication between the system component units via the unified information network;
  • independent stabilization of the range of visibility vertically and horizontally by the signals of angular mismatching in the stabilizer (by means of compensational displacements of images from the video camera on the display);
  • optical and mathematical estimation of range to target;
  • calculation of angular corrections owing to the firing conditions (ballistics);
  • accurate automated guidance of the weapon on the target by means of introduction angular corrections in the stabilizer;
  • fire approval at approximation of the gyroscope angular mismatching signals to the desired value;
  • guidance on a target in the range of ТШС vision not only by the vertical axis, but also on the horizontal one, when putting the gun to loading position;
  • digital ZOOM of images from the video cameras on the display screen.
The installed system considerably increases the probability and the speed of target hitting after the first shot, protects the tank existing equipment and communications to the maximum, provides connections of the installed equipment according to the series uniform information network, which makes the tank modernization simple, uncostly and efficient.скачать dle 12.0