MI-8MSB - Medium Class Transport Helicopter

State testings of MI-8T helicopter were completed in 1964. About 4500 MI-8 helicopters (the versions powered by TV2-117 engines) were manufactured up to year 1996 in Kazan plants, in Ulan-Ude this figure went to 3700 helicopters. The total output of these helicopters produced is the biggest in the world (together with MI-8МТ and MI-17, more than 11000 helicopters were produced). About 2800 from them were exported to more than 40 countries of the world. Approximately 40 modifications of MI-8 helicopters were produced.

Analysis of statistical data related to operation of the fleet of helicopters as to year 2009 shows that at the present time the fleet of MI-8T helicopters powered byTV2-117 engines is almost 5 times larger than the fleet of more updated MI-8MTV helicopters powered by TV3-117 engines. Actually, annual operating time of MI-8T helicopters is also 5 times larger. At the same time, operating time per 1 incident for MI-8T helicopter is larger by 1,56 times than for MI-8MTV helicopter, and prevailing causes of failures belong to TV2-117 engine.Taking into consideration high operational reliability of MI-8T helicopter and significantly lower reliability of TV2-117 engine, and remembering also that the production of this engine is discontinued, while the life of the MI-8T airframe is sufficient (at the present time) it does make sense to consider replacement of TV2-117 engine with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, series 4Е engine.

  • Designing, manufacture and certification of TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, series 4Е engine.
  • Works related to replacement of engine in helicopter.
  • Works related to correction of helicopter specifications to bring them in compliance with IСАО requirements
  • Certification of upgraded helicopter.
  • Certification of Motor Sich JSC as a designer of helicopters.
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