Object for useIl -96-300, Tu-334С, Tu-204S, Be-200, Il-114, MiG-110, Mi-8TV5-1
PurposeHydro-energy provision  
Station name  NS74-3
Pressure at pump intake0.6-5.5 kgf/cm2
Max discharge pressure210 kgf/cm2
Nominal discharge pressure130-195 kgf/cm2
Pump flow rate7-10 l/min
Electric motor typeMT-3
Pump type  Variable flow rate
Current type  3-phase AC/400 Hz
Current value22 A
Rated voltage115/200 V
Working liquid AMG-10
Contamination class of working liquid as to GOST–17216-7112
Arrangement of pump station NS of the objectFree arrangement, excluding vertical one with a pump oriented upward
Mass  9.7 kg
 Service Life Limit (SLL), flying time500 hrs
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