Hydraulic Motor GM56A

The hydraulic motor is used as a mechanical drive in hydraulic aircraft systems. The hydraulic motor is also used as a source of mechanical energy for pick-and-place devices and press-forging equipment in processing lines of foundry and molding, machine-tool equipment and other fields of industry.
It is the unregulated hydraulic motor of axial type with high specific parameters

Operable fluidpetroleum and synthetic oil
Temperature, °C
- working fluid
- ambient
-50.. +90
-60.. +90
Rotational speed of shaft, rpm
- rated
- maximal
Displacement, cm³/rotations9.4
Inlet pressure, MPa
- rated
- maximal
Drain pressure, MPa0,3
Outlet pressure of the hydraulic motor, MPa1
Torque at the inlet pressure 18 MPa, and the outlet pressure 1 MPa, Nmnot less 21
Breaking torque of the shaft (rotational speed up to 80 rpm) at pressure drop 20 MPa, Nmnot less 25
Weight, kg2.9
Dimensions, mm178х106х94
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