Optical-electronic aiming systems interface block with ADC&DAC conversion 23C/01M

Designed for older 23C/01 interface unit substitution and repair. It is operating with the optical-electronic aiming systems of the MiG-29 and Su-30 fighter aircrafts. 
The new version of 23C/01, the 23C/01M is made with the new components and the state of the art technology. It has improved ADC and DAC characteristics and reliability. 

The interface unit provides: 
- signals voltages measurements with the AD conversion and processing these values to the binary serial interface code; 
- receiving control information for the optical-electronic aiming system from the weapon control system computer, converting it to the analog voltages and commands, and also sending the information from the optical-electronic aiming 

Technical characteristics: 
- analog to digital conversion error less than 0.2% from the reference system to the weapon control system computer and display system computer by the serial interface lines; 
- half wave interval of AC supply voltage measurement and converting it to digital code.

voltage level halfwave interval measurement error, ps, less than±2
code word length, bit32
serial interface lines5
power consumption (from the AC 110... 122V), VA, less than15
continuous time of operating, hours, more than3
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