«OSMINOG PS» and «OSMINOG PS-32» radar stations

«OSMINOG PS» radar station is installed in KA-27 helicopter and designed for search and rescue, as well as for navigation purpose. «OSMINOG PS-32» radar station is installed in KA-32S helicopter and designed for panoramic observation of water and terrestrial surfaces, searching, detection and coordinates determination of surface objects, estimation of general ice conditions, navigational purpose, and detection of deep cumulus cloudiness conditions.

SPECIFICATIONS: Detection range of surface objects from 100-500 m flight altitude with sea state up to 3: 
• with average ERA 250 m2 
• equipped with transponderbeacons 
• in cumulonimbus cloudiness not less than 25 km from 20 to 100 km (subject to beacon type, for «OSMINOG PS») 10 W from the airborne circuit = 27 V not less than 30 km (for «OSMINOG PS-32» station) 
Object coordinates determination error, not more than: 
• for range 50 m 
• for relative bearing 1,5° 
Weight of equipment: 
• «OSMINOG PS»not more than 120 kg 
• «OSMINOG PS-32»not more than 150 kgскачать dle 12.0