Upgraded microwave generator unit H019-09R1(H019-09R2)

H019-09R1, H019-09R2 units are the upgraded versions of H019-09, H019-09A units - parts of receiver channel of airborne radars H019, H001. 
The H019-09R1, H019-09R2 are three-channel high sensitivity microwave receivers. They contain: three receiver modules, frequency converter, blanking unit, and power supply units. 
Each receiver module includes narrowband and wideband receiver channels. Narrowband receiver channel is designed for the high speed air targets detection with the narrowband doppler filters system. Wideband receiver channel is designed for the high resolution radar modes performance to detect low speed surface (ground or marine) targets.

frequency band X 
noise factor, dB 3,5 
maximum input signal level P-i, dBm -35 
output bandwidth in narrowband mode, MHz 5 
output bandwidth in wideband mode, MHz 30 
digital gain control range in wideband mode, dB 15 
maximum output voltage, V ±1скачать dle 12.0