Upgraded microwave generator unit H001-22R

The enhanced version of previously designed H001-22A, H001-22M microwave generator units the H001-22R is the part of the transmitter channel of H019 and H001 airborne radars. 
The H001-22R is designed for CW and pulse microwave signals as well as synchronization signals generating. 
According to the control information from the central computer, the digital control unit applies different types of modulation to the generated CW or pulse signals, as well as receives the service information from internal modules to send it to the central computer.

frequency band X 
frequency channels number 52 
output signals power level, mW 20 
synchronization signals power level, mW 20 
carrier attenuating level in the pulse mode, dB 60 
parasitic emissions spectral density, mW/cm2 10 -7 
cold start up time, min 3скачать dle 12.0