Broadband solid state power amplifier SSPA-2,5

Designed for power amplification in a jamming systems, wideband communication systems and radars. 

SSPA-2,5 includes: 
- a built-in secondary power supply with the possibility of the feeding low power external devices; 
- termocompensated amplitude detector (for AGC) at the output of SSPA; 
- a digital attenuator (6-bit) at the SSPA input with the wide regulation range (more than 30dB); 
- a possibility of RF blocking at the input of SSPA (more than 60dB input signal level attenuation in time 100ns max); 
- built-in protection from overheat (blocking of power supply output) with the hysteresis 2°C; 
- built-in diagnostic system with alarm reporting; 
- radiator with cooler(optional).

frequency band X 
output power under P-1, dBm(W), min 34 (2,5) 
gain, dB, min 40 
VSWR input/output, max 2,0 
supply voltage, V 27± 10% 
supply current, A, max 2 
operating temperature, °C from -60 to +80 
size (without radiator), mm 180 x 140 x 25 
max weignt (without radiator), kg 0,5скачать dle 12.0