Multifunctional processing system «OREOL»

Multifunctional processing system is designed to provide a new operational modes of the upgraded weapon control system of the fighter. 

It provides: 
- receiving and collecting of information from different sources and sending it to a multifunctional display (MFI-27); 
- processing aperture synthesis algorithms and 
Doppler beam sharpening algorithms while a radar operates in surface search modes; 
- moving target detection and tracking algorithms processing while a radar operates in surface search modes; 
- processing algorithms of targets destination and a launch zones computation for the new types of weapons. 
The multifunctional processing system contains a processor block, peripheral unit, interface unit, ADCDAC unit and a power supply unit. 
«Oreol» is new generation computer unit designed with use of open architecture principle, based on the real-time CPUs and VPX system strip, which allows connection to the computer of additional devices (boards) for various purposes.

processor frequency, MHz 1000 
system bus type VPX 
system memory, Mb 1000 
flash memory (optional), Gb, no more 16 
number of the ARING 429 interface lines 50 
number of parallel bus lines 16 
number of output logical commands 16 
number of ADC channels 28 
number of DAC channels 10 
power consumed, W, not more than 45скачать dle 12.0