Transceiver designed with use of a new components and hybrid-integrated technology. Transceiver provides: 
- receiving of the meteo radar’s reflected signals, their amplification and transform to intermediate frequency and output signal’s amplitude adjustment; 
- generates coherent AM, PM modulated pulses and transforms them to the operating frequency; 
- sending of the generated signal to the final amplifier or to the testing output; 
- synchronization signal generating for the external unit (control and processing unit).

frequency band X 
microware pulses duration, μs 0.5 ... 32 
transmitter output signal’s power level, not less than, W 20 
spurious spectral components in 200MHz band, not more than, dB -60 
receiver output signal’s bandwidth, MHz 4 
images rejection, dB, not less than 60скачать dle 12.0