13C/02M tracking unit

The 13C/02M tracking unit is part of ungraded optical radar system of the MiG-29 fighter and its variants and designed for: 
- search and acquisition of air targets; 
- locking and tracking of maneuvering and non-maneuvering tail-on-targets; 
- measuring distance to the target and its angle position; 
- sending measured target data to the optical radar’s computer to form target’s designations to missile seekers and to cannon; 
- measuring distance to the ground surface in the given aiming direction. 
The 13C/02M tracking unit performs analysis and conversion of obtained data. 
The unit is designed with new components and has high reliability and manufacturability. Built-in control system provides operational evaluation of the serviceability of the main channels of the system.

azimuth search zone, not less than ± 30° 
elevation search zone, not less than ± 15° 
search duration, not more than 5 
azimuth (small zone) search zone, not less than ± 15° 
elevation search zone (small zone), not less than ± 15° 
small zone search duration, not more than 2скачать dle 12.0