«TOPAZ» passive broadband radar seeker

“Topaz” passive broadband radar seeker is designed for medium range “air-to-air” and “air-to-surface” missiles. It is used as part of a passive radar system and provides search and acquisition of air or ground hostile radars emissions in a day- or night-time operation, in different meteorological conditions and against different background surfaces.

direction finding methodmonopulse
direction finding area, degree:
- on azimuth± 60 °
- on elevation± 60 °
RMS error of direction finding, degree2° - 5°
sensitivity of receiving channels passive radar homing head, dB/W-120
frequency bandx
band width of operating frequencies, GHz1
the maximum corners of a deviation of a search area, degree40°
maximum range target lock, km, no less than70/110
minimum range target lock, km, no less than2.5
the time between failures, no less than500
weight of equipment, kg, no more than16
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