«ONIX» medium-range «GROUNG-AIR» and «AIR-AIR» missiles active radar homing head

Active radar seeker (ARS) of Ka band “Onix” provides the search and acquisition of air targets of different types (maneuvering and non-maneuvering) in the course of guidance, day- or night-time operation, in a simple or complicated meteorological conditions, at all angles, in open space and against background surface, under ECM conditions. The active radar seeker allows to increase the accuracy of guidance at the final stage of trajectory and to provide “fire and forget” principle.

number of simultaneously attacked targets1 - 4
search area, degree:
- on azimuth± 20 °
- on elevation± 20 °
the maximum angles of deviation of search area, degree:
- on azimuth± 40 °
- on elevation± 40 °
target-data follow-up angle rate, degrees/sec40
speed range of approach with the target, ms300 - 2400
search area on range, km0.1 - 20
range of acquisition of an air target of type MiG-29 in forward hemisphere, km, not less than20
operating range of radio correction, km60
weight of equipment, kg, no more than15
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