Modernization of optical-locstion (OLS) for aircraft type SU-30


Optical-electronic targeting system interface unit with ADC&DAC conversion 23C/01M: 
The new version of 23C/01, the 23C/01M is made of the new components and with application of the state of the art technology. It has improved ADC and DAC characteristics and reliability.SPECIFICATIONS: 
analog to digital conversion error, less than 0.2% 
from the reference voltage level half wave interval measurement error, less than ±2 
code word length, bit 32 
serial interface lines 5 
power consumption (from the AC 110…122V), W, less than 15 
continuous time of operating, hours, more than 3

Unit of measuring and matching 12P2/01M: 
Unit of measuring and matching12P2/01M is the upgraded version of 12P2/01 unit and includes a receiver module and a measurement control module. The 12P2/01M unit is designed for reflected energy conversion to electric signal (echo-signals), and time delay measurement between synchronization (transmitted) pulses and corresponding echo signals, sending the measurement results and alarm reports to the central computer, as well as time delay calibrated test signals generating in diagnostic test modes. The 12P2/01M unit is made with new components and with application of state of the art technology.

lock frequency, MHz 40 
maximum range, measured, km 20 
maximum supply current (+27V DC circuit) 0.5 
interface code type two-level 32-bit serialскачать dle 12.0