AI-222-25F Turbofan Engine With Afterburner

The AI-222-25F afterburning version of the AI-222-25 turbofan engine featuring a thrust at takeoff of 42000kgf (thrust reheat ratio is 1.68) is designed to power trainers, advanced trainers and light combat aircraft with minimum flight speed of M 1.5. The engine has been optimized to be operated on uptodate trainer, combat trainer, and light combat aircraft and complies with strict requirements for the engines of this class. The turbine compressor section of the engine is fully unified with that of the AI-222-25 basic engine.

Full afterburner thrust rating (SLS, ISA, σinl=1.0): 
Thrust, kgf (flat rated to ISA+15°C), not less4200
SFC, kg/kgf•h, not more1.9
(H=11000 m; Mfl=1.4; ISA; σinl=0.97): 
Thrust, kgf2760
Max thrust rating SLS, ISA, σinl=1.0 
Thrust, kgf2500
SFC, kg/kgf•h, not more0.66
Air flow rate, kg/s49.7
Pressure ratio15.43
By-pass ratio1.18
Maximum TIT, K1471
Dimensions and weight 
Fan diameter, mm624
Length, mm3138*
Weight, dry (to State Standard 17106-90), kg, not more560
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