Tv3-117ma Turboshaft Engine

The TV3-117VMA turboshaft engine is used to power the Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-32, Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-24, Mi-28, D-2, D-2B, and other helicopters.
The TV3-117VMA turboshaft is one of the world`s best engines as regards its fuel efficiency and weight performances. High-tech development and perfect mass-production process have ensured the engine`s superior reliability and extensive service life.

Main advantages of the engine:
- low specific fuel consumption; 
- low weight-to-power ratio; 
- high reliability; 
- long service life; 
- high maintainability; 
- high repairability; 
- steady operation in harsh dust and smoke conditions; 
- possibility of long-time operation in maritime conditions

 TV3-117MA                     TV3-117MA Series 02
Emergency power condition (SLS, ISA): 
Power, shp (kW)2400 (1765)                    2400 (1765)
Takeoff power condition (SLS, ISA): 
Power, shp (kW)2200 (1618)                    2200 (1618)
Specific fuel consumption, 
kg/hp•h (kg/kW•h)
0.210 (0.286)                  0.210 (0.286)
Cruise power condition (SLS, ISA):
Power, shp (kW)1500 (1103)                    1500 (1103)
Dry weight, kg294                                 294
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